Reviews for "Advanced RPG tut"


Add more examples, explain the AS a bit more, correct the V-Cam broken link, and it's perfect.

But I appreciate it the way it is.


a nice little platformer tutorial. oh and sandmanwla? yes, it will "magic it up" so it works, but you must be using flash! again, a great tutorial. of course, you could put how to make an enemy and do damage, but still good.


why dont my platforms work! im sure i followed your instructions exactly but the platforms dont do anythig! ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!
Im using sothink and not flash so is it something to do with that? theres no code there, surly just making a MC called "ground" cant magic up a platform!? such a tut can't wait to get past this


great tutorial... there should be a link in the forums to this tutorial since people keep on asking about this type of game making.

A lot of effort, but not descriptive.

I liked how you gave some advice, but you didn't actually explain the actual code. There for the person probably doesn't understand it. As much info as it is, I think there's still some more you can put in.