Reviews for "Advanced RPG tut"

relly good but...

its really good but i cant down load the Vcam i tried but the page cannot be seen


This tut is almost perfect, but you left out stuff that you need for an rpg; EXP, Items, Cutomization of characters. Besides that, it is perfect! Also I see some flaws in the AC that you gave me. When the character jumps, and you press right or left, it goes back to the standing animation. Also, could you repair the broken link to V-Cam. Lol i dont even know what a V-cam Is XD. O well, overall great tutorial :)

awsome but

this is the bst tut i have eva seen on ng
only 1 problem how do you get the hp bar to stay on screen?
When the player mc maves the hp bar doesnt move with it.


Great Tutorial, but how do I make walls so my character doesn't fall???


This helped me out so much. Especially the camera section. Great. Although I would have liked you to explain the actionscript itself a bit more... there are a lot of resources on the web explaining semantic stuff like that though. lol Keep doing what you're doing.