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Reviews for "Dog Eat Dog!"


Well it was really fun!

simple, but good none the less. I especially like the third dog. He is also the most fun to eat becuae he is so fat. >:U

Although this is not an original type of game, it is very unique. It is a great concept! >:U

The sound was really good, and fitting, i really liked the music. I knocked you down a little because the arf sound gets really annoying, and you can't turn it off with the mute button. >:U

Just because there is no blood doesn't mean that it isn't violent. You are eating dogs, could it get any more violent than that? >PN

The Controls were flawless. I love how you are able to choose what controls to use, and all the buttons looked amaizing, the only thing that i can think of is that you should have had it open the highscores table when you click submit score. >:U

ROFLMMFAOWCOAP! Dogs eating other odgs, it's priceless! >:U

Great game, you should make a sequelxor or something, like DED! In Space!, lol! >:U + >PN = >PD

21: SithClock: 16500

Love the Game, and as always, I ain't stopping until I atleast get in the top 10. Keep you the Work, and I'll see you on the ScoreBoard.



DingoEatingFuzz responds:

Thats the spirit! Keep playing and you will get there :)

I'm suprised my score is still at number one, probably won't last much longer though.

So disturbing, yet so addictive.

I love dogs so i was hopeing the title was metiforical, sadly it wasn't. But still I played it because games like fishy rock and this is no exception.


It was fun to eat all of them...I was amused and had a good time. I'd say everything was perfect except I wish I could make my dog speed up a little! I gave it a 5/5!

*calls dog*

Good puppy, now eat my dessert.