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Reviews for "Dog Eat Dog!"

So disturbing, yet so addictive.

I love dogs so i was hopeing the title was metiforical, sadly it wasn't. But still I played it because games like fishy rock and this is no exception.

Well, well.

I love the games like Fishy. This game gave a new control system, so a new twist. I really love this game. If it had been cats I would have instant 10 and 5'd it, but sadly it was dogs :(. So It's gonna be a four just because I don't really like dogs. Sorry. The music was nice, got a bit repetitive though. The sound effect for losing was priceless, it's one of those tiny touches that I loved. All in all it was an awesome game. If you make a sequel, make it Cat Eat Cat ;).

21: SithClock: 16500

Love the Game, and as always, I ain't stopping until I atleast get in the top 10. Keep you the Work, and I'll see you on the ScoreBoard.



DingoEatingFuzz responds:

Thats the spirit! Keep playing and you will get there :)

I'm suprised my score is still at number one, probably won't last much longer though.

Well...There was a aesthetically more pleasing...

Fish based game like this...but this ain't bad.

Since it is already accepted...I won't yell that this is stolen. You probably didn't realise either.

Graphics are okay...but that plain gets rather boring at times.

Music and sounds were well placed although few in number.

Overall, rather addicting, and submitting your score is nice...

Tis all I have to say.

I don't like it.

One dog eating more? That's cannibalism for dogs! STOP IT!!!!!