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Reviews for "Dog Eat Dog!"


theres tones of online games like this, and most are alot better. the sizes were almost all the same, and it was very hard to move aswell as way to slow


It was fun to eat all of them...I was amused and had a good time. I'd say everything was perfect except I wish I could make my dog speed up a little! I gave it a 5/5!


Kind of a..played out game but the fact that you put dogs is an.."interesting" twist to say the least. Most people use fish or shapes or even dinosaurs..not dogs. So, at least you have your own unique flair in that department. At least the addicdtion is their.

Recommendation: Mid

Thumb Rating: d('.')

....wow...kinda disturbing...

Those dogs are cannibals....I'm a dog lover so that was kinda freaky...but still this game's addicting in a sick, sick way....Nice job with it.

Extremely disturbing...

It's like fishy, but not as good. For one thing, I could be like three times the size of a polka-dot but it still ats me. And oftentime they don't even touch me and I'm still "eaten".