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Reviews for "Dog Eat Dog!"

this is good but...

it has a few bugs.i am bigger than one dog and i die,i am far away from a bigger dog and i die,i go in between two bigger far away dogs and i die.this is really fun to play but the bugs make it really hard too.


you got that howling sound from a nintendogs plushie right?

quit f#cking killing me!

istart the game, and i die. i get to eating the 3rd dog, and i die. im bigger than another dog, AND I DIE! i cant excel at this because the f'ng dogs think im snausages! IM NOT A SNAUSAGE!

Funny game, very good

It's the classic fish game, with a Cannablistic Canine twist. I love these sorts of games, and this is such an origional take on them. I also liked the ability to change controls from arrow keys, to W,A,S,D to the mouse. good game, thanks.

Work on the following

-Movement speed
-Collision detect.
ESPECIALLY the latter, because right now it's horrific.

Other than that, entertaining little game.