Reviews for "Midnight (Original Mix)"

ive herd this before

good but i think u got some of the music from sonic riders

TerraNation responds:

Sonic Riders?

Why is this not Top 5?

Amazing piece of work.

Very inspirational. However, you did spell Original wrong... -.-

The beginning of the song was very very very brought, but as soon as I got to the Main Team, I loved the song.

Great job.

TerraNation responds:

Haha iknow cant be botherd to fix it. Thanks for the comment :D


This is some pretty amazing trance you've created here.
that you so much for sharing it! <3

~DJ Sonik

This is great!

Reminds me of the older trance style... This would've rocked 1998!

Good work, keep em coming!!

Good but...

Seemed a bit lacking compared to demo in the depth of the work. I actually downloaded this version since its complete.

TerraNation responds:

na its alike the demo, Only maybe sounds wierd beacuse this version is better mastered, Other demo is kinda decent and compressed alot.