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Reviews for "JuicePlz"

Front page, Daily first!

That's what this is getting. The graphics were cool, very good. I liked the style very much. The sound fit in with that kind of game. The violence was because you killed birds. I have no frikin idea what interactivity is but I think this had it:/ The humor is because of the birds that crap. Awsome game that deserves Front Page and Daily First!

Toast responds:

Thank you, I hope that it gets daily first too :) I'm not so sure about it though, the score's going down because no one actually finishes it before voting...


This was fun....I was able to get all of the fruit and eventually I beat it.This is a perfect little smoothie shop sim. You did a really great job with this. You should make another sim type game. You're gooood at them! 5/5!!

Toast responds:

Thanks a lot, that was honestly ver encouraging... But what other types of sim games can we make that are not overdone?

it was alright

the graphics were great it was just to much clicking for me but good concept i liked the bird killing part


wont work for me either cuz i cant get the juice to the customers....oh well 10/10 and 5/5 for your effort. lol. im generous sometimes.

Don't listen to those douches.

I liked it. I get a little confused with how much time you get... But it was still a fun game.

Toast responds:

you're the douche