Reviews for "JuicePlz"


This was fun....I was able to get all of the fruit and eventually I beat it.This is a perfect little smoothie shop sim. You did a really great job with this. You should make another sim type game. You're gooood at them! 5/5!!

Toast responds:

Thanks a lot, that was honestly ver encouraging... But what other types of sim games can we make that are not overdone?


thats not a game its a piece of art!! nice graphix n game play extremely addicting game extremly good!!!!!! make a sequell or another sim please!!! have a nice day!

Good game.

The graphics are cool, the style is relaxed, the bird-killing is fun, the interactivity is great, and the humor is cool. I love how they still clap when you lose.

it was alright

the graphics were great it was just to much clicking for me but good concept i liked the bird killing part

Very Good

The game was very good, I gave 5 for humor because i was would drink a Orange, Banana and Carrot drink.