Reviews for "JuicePlz"


Just Nice...

0 because of stupid replys of owner.

The author is insulting the insulters. Then a guy trys to defend him and he calls him a douche. Well..YOU are the douche sir.
No i'm not tough. And you arent for sure. He rated 10! And you are so tough to call him an douche. >_>

Toast responds:

Well she was calling people who play my game douches, that's not very nice is it? Don't you think you're kind of a hypocrite for criticising me for calling her a douche?

Don't listen to those douches.

I liked it. I get a little confused with how much time you get... But it was still a fun game.

Toast responds:

you're the douche


This is the worst game to befall Newgrounds!Seriously! Don't play it play somthing better like newgrounds rumble or somathing.Oh yeah, why would you curse out your players? RETARD

Toast responds:

Yeah, go play newgrounds rumble you little puny imbecile. go fuck yourself.


PRETTY GOOD. But try to graduate your customers from being not so busy to kinda busy- to a little more busy to really busy. pretty good.