Reviews for "Become Anniversary Collab"


OMG! This is great. I love ur stop motion clay stuff... It rules, now this is how to do stopmotion! great work! Keep it up mate :)

You guys did great

Seriously, all of them were awesome. I just love watching claymation. It gets me thinking about the old days when I used to stay home and watch Gumby before running to elementary school.

I especially liked the one with the chair and table and cake. That was was really adorable and I totally digged the camera moving along with the action.

Great job guys.

I loveeeee ur playdough works :D

i love it i love it :D, I aint good at making them because i have long nails. I'm terrible at sculpting. it's annoying when i keep scratching the clay

Very good.

Great job, you are very talented and creative at this, keep up the great work.

hoe hoe hoe, its magic!

Truly is, the living furniture, oh man soo nice, Great job indeed. keep this up, hugs'