Reviews for "Become Anniversary Collab"

Traditional Animation will never die!

Clay and Drawn forever man!

Very skilled use of still frame animation, great work.

Very smooth Drawn animation too.

Since its a show piece rather than a production I will rate it based on visable skill rather then content.

Oh and a 10 for the music... I love good music, nice pick. :P

I just wanted...

To congradulate you and wish you a happy aniversary!

MackProductions responds:


that was 5/5 10/10

that was great i liked it because it was some thing very differnt and cool great work.!:D


Nice video graphic wasn't very good liked the music you ROCK ! Waiting for more !

how old is this video, it looks so old.

my point is that your movie had a bad quality view. you may need to fix it cause it look like an old movie from the 80's or 70's. well not too deep but it's close too the 80's image quality. oh was that song from the 80's too maybe u had this movie film in the 80's.

MackProductions responds:

nah its not old. First off, the beginning 30 seconds of it I put a film grain effect on it to look old, because that piece was what the anniversary was celebrating, and making that part look old. And for the rest of it, converting to flash always kills the quality a lot in order to make it 5mb. Soon I will have the good quality version on my site