Reviews for "Become Anniversary Collab"


I think most of the pieces were made in one sitting. Mine only took me a couple hours, and dan had to edit a few things out. All aside, i think every part except mine was phenominal.



MackProductions responds:

nah dude yours was fine!
Haha and my piece wasn't made in a day, mine was 2 weeks

Great song.

You knew just what song to use and the animation took alot of time I see. This is amaizing! you guys are Great!!!


Okay, the first time the song was great.
The second time the song was annying and bad.
The third time the song drove me absolutely nuts. Do not reuse songs like that; it takes away so much from the movie so badly.
Anyways, this is a nice collab. Kind of short.

MackProductions responds:

haha, you can just mute it and watch the animation.
thanks though

jesus please save my ears!

the song was killing me i coundn't even watch the whole thing.

Its really creative....


This isnt a bad submission,

although the music could be of better quality, and the graphics could have been a little less pixulated...in any case.... this is a very nice example of creativity, but it still has a few problems that should be fixed....

In any case, keep trying and keep making flash and stuff...