Reviews for "Become Anniversary Collab"

Amaziing job guys.

You really have here something to be proud of. Amazing animation everything was fluent. The song was'nt that bad, and it did match the movie.

5/5 keep doing your thing.

MackProductions responds:

thanks! yeah we'll keep doin our thing, and you keep enjoying it

great style

I thought it was a really good video and thought the music fit perfectly. Good job and I hope to see more ofthe animations.

Amazing graphics BUT.....

I gave you a ten because the graphics were MIND BLOWING but after a little bit it just got boring but great job lookin forward to more.

one word

one word, AMAZING!


That was great! When you started wraping stuff (as in the table) and when things morphed and got shape looked so swell!
Keep up the good work...next time try adding something more with the audio, or try fitting the animation more with the song's mood. Anyway, add sfx or something

MackProductions responds:

yeah, I've done some stuff with more than just background music, such as my film Winter Attack, but I enjoy doing both just background music and full sound fx animations.

Thanks for the good review, we're happy you liked it