Reviews for "Become Anniversary Collab"


that was awesome! 1 year already! you rock at animation! and uhh... well done. you should name him mack!

p.s happy birthday!

MackProductions responds:

yeah I never had a name for him other than "the become guy," but Mack is the best idea for his name I've heard. Hmm.. maybe


BEcome was the first flash i ever saw

And this brought a teer to my eye!Go become and happy birthday!:)

MackProductions responds:

wow, it was your first flash? thats awesome! Thanks!

wow simply amazing

and you will never find somthing thats a collumb that is better than this oh and what program did you use?

MackProductions responds:

we each used different programs for animating(i used Monkeyjam) and I editted it all together with Windows Movie Maker

hoe hoe hoe, its magic!

Truly is, the living furniture, oh man soo nice, Great job indeed. keep this up, hugs'

Very good.

Great job, you are very talented and creative at this, keep up the great work.