Reviews for "Become Anniversary Collab"

This is awsome

I need to learn how to do stop-motion like this.

(( Very interesting ))

this was a good idea with all the different stuff, i was not happy with the size, but got over it after i got to see more of what was on the flash very nice work.

I like it as is.

Nice animation and a good idea of collab style.



Will you make a anniversary collab for your other movies if so i hope i could help.

i bow my head!

i bow my head and i say well done!

Step aside Knocks there's competition.

Man you blow Knoks out of the water!
Good job man I still don't know how you move the camera smoothly and animate at the same time. Claymation is incredible ad you animate better then I have ever seen.
Do you remember The pj's? well you would be right there.
Good job man and keep it up!
( damn I hate these signoff cliche's )

MackProductions responds:

wow thanks a lot! Yeah I personally still think knox is quite good, him and his animations helped me get started too. Yeah I've seen a couple episodes of the pj's, that's quality quality stuff. thanks