Reviews for "Become Anniversary Collab"

Very impressive...

Really enjoyed watching that. I used to do stuff like that with Blu-Tack when I was in detention at school.. Although mine always revolved around grotesque chracatures of the teacher.. but nevermind...

Very well done, the stop-frame work was so smooth. The piece with the chair/table was very well done, too.

Can't say much more. Hurrah!

You guys did great

Seriously, all of them were awesome. I just love watching claymation. It gets me thinking about the old days when I used to stay home and watch Gumby before running to elementary school.

I especially liked the one with the chair and table and cake. That was was really adorable and I totally digged the camera moving along with the action.

Great job guys.


this was very original and very good. u have an extreame talent for clay movies

this is sweet

you'll probably get review crew pick:)

I must say...

It's better than I could do.

MackProductions responds:

Haha, now you apear online, after I submit it! Ah well, thanks for at least making a piece for it, sorry it couldn't be in it.

Thanks for the review Tyler