Reviews for "Become Anniversary Collab"

i loved it

i have never seen any of the other becomes but i wish i hav it was amazing as far as claymation goes

awsome animation

i love the animation in this video.but there's nothing new here.but however the animation is so good it recives a high rating


I have always been a fan of good claymation and this is definantly good. Great job.

context and the various

++++ I love how everyone brought their own style to a consistent theme: just as it should be but all too often isn't.

+++ Start's graininess gave it a 'happened a long time ago feel'.

+++ Puts it all in context.

+++ Clay controlled by the wizard had some funky movement. Specially loved the blue bits splurting up.

- Face was a bit rough there.

++ The creation of a female counterpart was mildly amusing.

- Though her body shape was really odd. It came from the 'stickman with circles' school of thought.

++ Introducing hands was an interesting idea.

+++ Loved the charming text. Specially 'O'.

+++ Nice expression as he 'awoke'.

++ Fbf animation made for an interesting change.

A far better tribute than your solo endeavour, I felt. Your own film works better in this context and the various styles and ideas thrown into the mix add so much.

MackProductions responds:

Thank you very much! I respect your reviews a great deal, and love that you reviewed each of my Become films.
Yes this was planned to be the main piece of tribute for the anniversary, and Become 2 is more of an extended version of one of my pieces for it.

All of us in the collab thank you

I really enjoyed that

The animation is very smooth, particularly the Become 2 segments, and unline most collaborations they were mostly all of very good quality. The wizard one is another I liked a lot. You ooze style, it's very confident in itself.

I'm not... a fan of you using the It's Magic music again. Couldn't you have found anything else?

MackProductions responds:

Well I could have found a different song for it, but with this being a tribute it felt necessary to use the "theme" of Become for it.

Thanks for the great review!