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Reviews for "BeachVolley Chanchionship"


É difícil ter controle sobre o personagem, a jogabilidade é meio complicada, mas gostei, joguinho divertido, parabéns.

Not Bad

This was game was pretty good. I like the part at the beginning where you had to enter your nickname, etc. That was pretty cool. The game wasn't bad, although it was kind of hard to predict a serve when it bounces off the back of nothing all the time. Overall, a pretty good game.

~ Z


i like it, simple & efficient and fun to play.
ive been working on something similar, kind of a shaolin soccer on crack,if you want some ideas check out my Zball demos


Could of used some nice music that stays in your head after you finish the game, i found a glitch where when you serve if you score the word LOOSE! above the npcs head appears backwards or if u miss it says win backwards. For example !ESOOL or !NIW so i found a glitch so please put TooDangerous in the credits. Other then that it was alright i am not sure if you will win the contest with it but it was a pretty good idea for a game. just the physics and moving could of been smoother or faster pace.


I'm not sure if i missed a joke somewhere along the way but were all the misspellings some joke or accidental?