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Reviews for "Phoenix Gloom"

Dude I want a poster of this

If this were a video game... I'd play it. If this were a poster....I'd hang it. i LOVE IT

This is a beautiful piece of art. I've always loved the rugged and charming look of this kind of art and yours is no exception. It looks like it came out of some amazing game or tale from a land far away in fantasy realm. I love the daunting size of the bird compared to the structure - it gives the bird such a dominant, fearsome feel, even though I think that that he is nothing but. To me he seems misunderstood. That's just my theory at least. The dark blues fading into the distance are a lovely touch and the red mountains seem like theirs more to them then just red stones~ Overall I rate this a 4.5. Don't ever stop drawing - the world would have lost a great artist C:

Sincerely, bearwatch07

Very nice!

This is absolutely fantastic