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Reviews for "Naruto Randomness"

hahaha funny

tho meost funny part is the childhood lolz go away annoying bastard haah lol and when sasuke dives and said itachi that was also funny


I remember whatching these years ago on youtube XD I thought they were the funniest things ever! Good job :3

Naruto never gets old

Here's to the first part in this awesome series introduced to this website! It is so fun simply because the animation looks so cheap but everyone just looks so adorable in this. I should have known that you would get in one music video thing at the end. I liked the pokemon parody, but it would have been funny if Kabuto was in there. It is still always great to reference the awesomness that is Team Rocket. It is just funny to see all of those cool characters in one piece in such funny scenarios.

payback time!

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very funny