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Reviews for "The Spider and the Fly"

Great Job

Now that's a flash! Good style, good art, plenty of dark humor, and AMAZING sound (leave it to Evangelion to make something something creepy AND awesome). The way you presented the story was original, and really helped the dramatic transition. The Mario bit was a little iffy, but you pulled it off nonetheless. By the way, what class was this for? Just asking, I could care less about how suitable this is for school; it's a great submission anyway.

The bugs deserved it. Especially the girl. Just my commentary.


It was good but kind of twisted at tha end.
It kind of scared me.
My lil bro think thats just what they deserve
I think Ouch!!

Really really good movie

Graphics were well drawn and were good addition to the style.
The style was very inventive and the story was really good.
Music fitted well with the flash.
Violence could have been less violent though since it wasnt needed to be a asset to the movie style and storie.

My eyes could have been deceiving me but the mario part tweening was a little off and choppy.
Overall quite a good movie, im pretty sure ull get some kind of reward :P


very well done

Only point - violence is not an appropriate response for individual rejection -only suicide is!

lovely music, well in tune with the character of the movie.

Rated 'A'

Author bookmarked


loved it, nice use of music NGE has some great stuff in it, anyways, loved the idea. I could totallly relate to how the spider was feeling, rejection sucks.