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Reviews for "The Spider and the Fly"

The moral of the story:

Abuse can creat a monster. nuff said.

This is made of 82% Win. Great flash.

Wow thats awesome!

Wow that was really nice!
That bad fly that was not very nice to the spider has become teached its lesson!
And finally... LOL! to the happy ending theme ;D

All in one Really nice!

Eww... Geez!

Well, if you don't get the one you want even if you're doing your best, then this is what happen...?
Deep but very brutal.

The music was good actually, a catchy tone.

Revenge was the word!

But still.... eeww. Well, keep up the good work, mate!


Keep up the good work, no comments.


A very dark and sinister flash imo, and I like it! Awesom music and very nice graphic style. The Mario part could have been left out though... or replaced. I really can't understand thoose who say "they deserved it" by that locic every bully in the world deserves to get killed and gutted? Anyhow, good flash, good story, cheers.