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Reviews for "The Spider and the Fly"

Moral to the story is...........

Don't fuck with spiders?

Seriously,I wasn't expecting that to happen.Damn fly.What a nice spider =^-^=!

wow um...

That was fucked up... But strangly beautifull. I liked it made me feel warm inside.

Spider raping fly

Awsome flick i especialy liked the rainbow it made me happy inside to see such a pretty rainbow im glad you like rainblows and i hope you will continue to support rainbows in the future. thank you for your time and kill whitey


i agree with nemonicx i started feeling for the spider. And the cigarrette in the eye WAS great I also like the little eyes blackout thing how do you do that?

Great flash movie

Wow, I really started feeling for the spider. LoL but the cigarette in the eye, that was golden.