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Reviews for "The Spider and the Fly"

Sweet, but a tad bitter

I really like this one, and just had to log on and comment. I found the graphic well suited to the story, and things got even better when the spider went into a fury and transformed into this really pissed off thing (loved his expression)

Although, for a school assignment, I think you went a bit far at the end. The subtle gore is fine, but I would have liked it more had the girl fly been left alive (and intestines wouldn't fly left and right), as a way for her to allways remind her of the misstake she did. Indeed it would have been a sweeter story, but I'm aware of what you're getting at. Truly shocking at it's current state. Oh, and the fly spray was a nice touch.

Nonetheless, great stuff.


wow that was kwl! i love the way you draw the evil spider kind of reminds me of red and stimpy when you show you somthing really close up with all the detail +o(.

n1 keep up the good work!

take that you bitch!

that crazy bitch deserved everything she got. i didn't like the music very much though. overall though it was very good but i think the evil spider could have looked better

Dark humor...

I loved the beginning, it reminded me of the "There she is!" movies by SamBakZa. The whole way the spider was trying to get that fly's attention, but being hurt and humiliated instead. And the super mario bros. reference was an interesting touch too.. Wow, and then things take a HUGE turn in the end...spider completely cRACKS and gets sweet revenge on all his enemies...including the girl fly he originally loved. It really surprised me at that point...got ultra gory and violent, and it was sorta tragic to see the spider go mad. All he ever wanted was a little love...and it all ends in gore and death. The girl fly was just downright mean, though, so in a way, she sorta deserved it. Not to the extreme the spider did it, but she definately deserved something. The part in which the spider was evilly smiling and dragging the girl fly against the colorful backdrop, was in bad taste to the rest of the movie. That said,
the animation was decent, graphics were very stylish and fresh. and the music flowed with the action in the flash movie.
Oh, that's another thing! This was a school project?!! I wouldn't have thought this kinda project would be accepted because of all the gore and violence....you got guts to show this to a school. Well done.
In conclusion, this is like "There She is!" Rated R version. with blood and guts. lol.


Hi, it's me again, and woohoo! yay! I got 410 kills this time! :-) only got about 200 last time. And this time i got to try the lawn mower, chainsaw, and axe. lol :D they were all well good. And the lawn mower was just hysterical. :P No doubt i will play this game again. ;)