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Reviews for "The Spider and the Fly"


I loved this because I really did feel bad for that spider...Anyways great job...Hope to see more..

pretty nice

dat was a pretty good flash
the story line was good. i like da lil maze thingy. dats funny and da mario part haha very creative

one error, the play screen.. when i opened da window, it was pitch black, and nothing would show up. i had 2 right click and press play to let it start. mayb u should get dat fixed? or mayb its juz meh..

dat spider is pretty scary haha


The animation style was interesting. I liked the Mario bit.

I didn't like the ending though...the insects had brains and guts and stuff (???) ....Weird.

I suppose this goes to show that there's only so much a spider can take...

Now that was an eye opener

The Spider and the Fly. The way you depicted this story went down such an original path everyone has to love it. The part at the beginning with the fly entertaining all those insects made me ... SLIGHTLY uncomfortable, haha. When I first saw the title, it made me think of a fly trapped in a spider's web, and it would be about the poor fly trying to escape. I loved the graphics, so clear... and then the intestines flying everywhere, wow. Blew me away! I was just sitting here waitng and waiting for the spider to loose his cool and finally kill her. It was satisfying to watch the fly and everyone get killed when he finally did explode ^^.
I loved the music. When the spider went to kill everyone, my speakers died out so I can't comment on the ending music.
Great flash. I put it on my favourites.

Let's just say....

I think it kicked ass and went to the point of how a lot of people feel they COULD act. Better to show it on paper, or in this case a cool ass movie-short, than to go out and actually Do it.
Love it, keep it up!
Do another one...but make the spider *if you keep him* darker. Sinister, man. YES!!!