Reviews for "Hotdog Acidtrip!"

okey at first but scary later on

that was priety freaky i don't think im going to watch that again im not saying that sucked im just saying that it freaked me out and i don't feel like getting scared again. By the way this is the scarest movie ive watched (.)(.)


That women's voice was annoying. Like something out of a '50s movie or something. But a hot dog? Come on. That was just lame.

LazyMuffin responds:



Yeah I rated you the way I did because I heard this on rock 101 yester day.... hope your not trying to pass the story off as your own cause that would really be kinda lame.... it was funny on the radio but your sucky animation ruined it

LazyMuffin responds:

I gave credit to the distortedview podcast.

dude... this sucked

I'm sorry.. but this really should have been blammed.. maybe the title intended i should be tripping when i watched this because sure as hell you must have been.. this was absolutely bad. the random screamings and shit pushed out any comic high points this had.. 2 thumbs down

LazyMuffin responds:

No, you should'nt have been tripping when you watch that.
I think screaming after killing a hotdog is kind of humorous, But you know, you cant win em all.