Reviews for "Hotdog Acidtrip!"


i've seen another video of this. a real life- black and white one. that one i found hilarious, but this one just doesnt seem to do it justice. it's ok at best. i just gave it an extra point or 2 since this spreads the awesome audio to way more people.


ended strangly butmeh good enough lol

OK but not great

Its pretty good but kinda stupid

That put a smile on my face.

The whole hotdog screaming thing just made me chuckle the whole time, lol.

Nice idea, I love how she talks so seriously about it.


Generally, I am a big fan of randomness nicely executed in flash animations. But this one... somehow didnt quite hit me. I think you guys are giving away 10 points too easily. The idea might be funny, but character design, animation, compositing, all should factor in a little, no? And it seemed a little "aborted"...