Reviews for "Hotdog Acidtrip!"

Opie and Anthony have been playing this for years.

It would have been nice to give them credit. I know you might not have known, but the other site didin't mention it either.

Good flash though. It made me laugh. Now I want a hotdog, dammit. XD

LazyMuffin responds:

The guy that makes the podcast found the thingy on youtube, not on O&A, so I dont think he or I should credit em.

And thankyou.

tHIS goes in the FREAKFILE!!

Really nice cartoon, the animation is really smooth and funny. Reminds me of the Fear and Loathing cartoons or Ren & Stimpy. Really made me smile, thanks dude!


this is just wierd! its crazy and wats with the hotdog family?i like it tho. well done


Really cool in a messed up kinda way. My compliments.


he unicorn was a great idea