Reviews for "Hotdog Acidtrip!"


Awesome flash, excellent idea, well done. Not much else to say...

For the guy below posting about shrooms, you're an idiot. I'm not saying this because I'm one of those "drugs are bad" people cause I'm not... I'm just saying it because you're making yourself sound like an idiot and I felt it only fair to bring it to your attention. You know, better yourself and be a better person and whatnot...

The real video is scary as fuck.

Your animation made me less scared of the screaming hotdog. It had humor that lessened the blow of me pissing myself.

Hey, pretty good!

This ran smoothly even though my computer is slow, and it looked good. The style wasn't great, but very good. It wasn't violent, nor interactive but it was funny. I love the hotdog's final scream. I gave it a nine but it must be popular because I heard it on the radio.


I fucking jumped when that motherfucking hotdog screamed! LOL. Good job.

Tripped Up Man......

Good... and odd to say the least but it wasn't your best work.....