Reviews for "Hotdog Acidtrip!"


Very interesting. I had a feeling this was going to be original at least, then when I saw who the author was I knew it would be good. Pretty funny, very weird. Nicely done.

holy crap

damn that was just disturbing especially the sreeching man i can't sit still now. Graphics are good, sound was good, humor not really i just smilied until the yelling. (ow my ears still hurt) but nice job anyway

That was funny stuff

It was pretty good had some good humor to it though it did seem a little short. I started laughing and by the time I did the video was over. A great piece none the less.


This has got to be the best thing I've seen in awhile, if anyone has tripped acid they would know exactly how that poor girl felt! This is incredible, great job!


And this is why you should never do drugs, kids!

But yeah, okay, not a bad animation. The story was ammusing, but not overly funny. Not a bad piece of work, but I think perhaps some work on the sounds would go a long way. The drawing style wasn't bad.

It was okay, but not uber :)