Reviews for "Hotdog Acidtrip!"

What the heck were you thinking?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Just this was so dumb! The musics okay, but what really were you trying to do when you were making this

Ups: Okay sound
Downs: poorly thought up, all out a dumb idea
Work on: Making a flash have a purpose and not be completly random!

LazyMuffin responds:

What was I trying to do - I was trying amuse people, You're not one of em and I can respect that.

Dumb idea? I just found the sound clip funny so I animated it.

And about "Making a flash with a purpose", THERE IS A PURPOSE, the purpose is to make people laugh, some do, some dont.

kids drugs are bad

stick to the sticky green bitches.............or u will be haunted by the hotdog bitches


i actually thought this was kind of funny. the noise got annoying sometimes with the high pitched screaming but overall i thought it was original. i never saw a flash with hot dog acid trips.


I've definitely seen the original before on youtube, in fact it's one of my favorite videos. Nice work with your own animation, and always remember that hotdogs have families to support too.

Opie and Anthony have been playing this for years.

It would have been nice to give them credit. I know you might not have known, but the other site didin't mention it either.

Good flash though. It made me laugh. Now I want a hotdog, dammit. XD

LazyMuffin responds:

The guy that makes the podcast found the thingy on youtube, not on O&A, so I dont think he or I should credit em.

And thankyou.