Reviews for "Hotdog Acidtrip!"

I can't believe I forgot about this

I can't believe I forgot about this films existence. I was glad that "Harmonica Mouth" linked back to it, because I knew I had seen this movie yet could never find it again. I remember people giving me funny looks when I said "There's this movie I gotta show you, its about a woman who goes mad cause a hot dog is screaming at her or something like that..." So I kinda decided it didn't exist.

Haha, I'm so glad I found this again. Also I didn't realize you did it, but then again circa '06 I didn't really know who yah were. Good to know you did one of my old favourites cause I love your newer stuff.

Idk if this has been said but...

This was the audio from an actual anti-drug video back in the days of the war on drugs. Pretty sad really.


Generally, I am a big fan of randomness nicely executed in flash animations. But this one... somehow didnt quite hit me. I think you guys are giving away 10 points too easily. The idea might be funny, but character design, animation, compositing, all should factor in a little, no? And it seemed a little "aborted"...


"we started carrying on a conversation


ive whached every single one of you videos and dude wtf
keep it up its halarious

ps i cant spell worth sh*t