Reviews for "Hotdog Acidtrip!"


this is just wierd! its crazy and wats with the hotdog family?i like it tho. well done

tHIS goes in the FREAKFILE!!

Really nice cartoon, the animation is really smooth and funny. Reminds me of the Fear and Loathing cartoons or Ren & Stimpy. Really made me smile, thanks dude!

Had to debate over my overall for this

I liked it, but I feel kinda like I shouldn't have the reaction to this that I did, I'm reassured by the fact that many others did. You see somehow through this woman's monotonous musings on her trip one day I generated a great deal of empathy for that hotdog, so much so that it truly chilled me to my spine to hear that it was mamed and then in screaming pain crushed violently to death.

This was truly disturbing I feel like I just witnessed a murder and yet this is one of the least graphic submissions to have appeared on newgrounds, I was going to give a lesser score because of the unpleasant effect it's had on me but that would be unfair.

Poor Hotdog, whatabout his little hotdog kids?

Holy Crap.

That was definitely the most odd thing I've seen on NewGrounds.

The real video is scary as fuck.

Your animation made me less scared of the screaming hotdog. It had humor that lessened the blow of me pissing myself.