Reviews for "Hotdog Acidtrip!"


I dont understand the last reviewer! this is great stuff and (for me) recognizable.

its true people can land into the same trip

is this a true story??

great stuff make more


LOL This is funny :) Is that link at the top ment to work? Uh..
Good work :D

dude... this sucked

I'm sorry.. but this really should have been blammed.. maybe the title intended i should be tripping when i watched this because sure as hell you must have been.. this was absolutely bad. the random screamings and shit pushed out any comic high points this had.. 2 thumbs down

LazyMuffin responds:

No, you should'nt have been tripping when you watch that.
I think screaming after killing a hotdog is kind of humorous, But you know, you cant win em all.


that was awesome!!it was funny as hell 2 keep up the good work!


Really cool in a messed up kinda way. My compliments.