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Reviews for "WGJ4K Theme Song"


i used to think it sed it fkin game jokes for kids

It's fucking gay jokes for kids!

You know that's what I always thought the ending sounded like. Nah, I kid it was probably it's funny game jokes for kids. Probably becuase he thought he had enough room to put funny but had to choose wacky or whatever blah blah blah. As for the song itself it's a catchy little tune that I could whistle all day long. Gotta say it must've been an honor to Max to get a famous musician like you to do the song. Keep it up Hania!

Your to awesome!

Seriously, You've done everything! And I love everything!

hania responds:

and I love that you love everything ;)


This is just...EPIK!!!!!!!!!!


I wish this was made in every episode of Wacky Game 4 Kidz!, You did work for HotDiggedyDemon!, Or did you?