Reviews for "Komix Physics: Water"


This game rocks! You just need the imagination to think about it.
Why, in the two hours I've played with this, I've imagined what would happen if a pirate ship attacked an ocean liner during a huricane with ice burgs! That's why I have to give it a violence score. And, the pure amusement leads to such humor!
Also, you didn't have to listen to some crappy as hell music some games have you listen to. I mean, this one ROCKS!!!
Also, I only played like 10 seconds in reality, I just had to rate this.

Komix responds:

I couldn't think of anything I d like to hear more in a review :-D



weird i liked it but what if the water broke apart that might b better but still fun


i have parted the water while loving this game! Who says multitasking is imopossible?

Cool gadget

It's fun to see the water go up in the air, then quickly make it go down. It's a fun game. :3

love water effects

dude this is awsome from such a little game :)