Reviews for "Komix Physics: Water"

Not bad

Infact, pretty impressive. Sort of fun to. Which you could make ripples by touching certain parts of the water instead of pulling it, nice though.


You should (if you are the same guy who created Tri-Achnid) add this (or these water physics) to Tri-Achnid. If you have I didn't know ive only been to lvl 2 on Tri-Achnid.

Pretty Good

Its kinda good. But theres no goal or point of the game

i like it

i like this but wut do u have to do here anyways?


its pretty cool. i want more from you. how about this if five people say they want more make more KK? by the way ther is alredy 2 people sayong more including me.

Komix responds:

you mean more physcis stuff or more games?