Reviews for "Komix Physics: Water"

Boring but cool

it's a nice game but it gets boring after a while, nice game, but boring

Wow, really cool!

Dude this is VERY interesting, its awesome to play around with. Only (minor) gripe is that, well, wouldnt it be way better in 3D? I think it would, but overall as my favorite kind of game (physics/movement sims) I simply have to say 10/10 !!
P.S. Yes i agree with Dragoon-of-death, please make MOAR!!!

Cool gadget

It's fun to see the water go up in the air, then quickly make it go down. It's a fun game. :3

this is entertaining

if you zoom in you can raise and lower the water level by clicking and dragging

i like it =)

make more physics gadgets like this kk? =)