Reviews for "Komix Physics: Water"


This is very first submission with such little size and which hasn't been blammed...
And also it's quite good!
Though it's just a gadget... Nice to play for a while...
But still, it's great piece of work!
Keep up!

Maybe next one will have more stuff, will be longer, has some music?

Komix responds:

yeah, it has nor graphics and no sound in it so it remains tiny. the only thing smaler the this I know is B (by SBC).

it flash is only an empty moveclip + 50 lines script (shape get's generated)

The game I am doing this for will be big with many cool features. ropes, this water, creatures moving with rag doll physics, doors, etc and its artwork will be great :-P


You actually got a 10 :O.

That was awesome, the water was amusing, and you fit a 10 in 2.3 kb :O. PM me when your next game is released ;)

Komix responds:

you migth as well add me to your favourites so you get the mail automatic. I can't promise to remeber :-D


Good Game, Physics in a game

I like to see this in a game a samll amount of physics can drastically improve a game, this simple game is well done and provides an accurate effect, the graphics could be a little better however and i felt that the idea of the game did seem awfully repetitive, apart from this though it was a great game, and i would recommend it to anyone how finds any field of physics interesting. Good game *****(5/5)

Good effect, but why not allowing custom params?

I like the effect, and I always love when I see some physics applied to games.
To make an even better "demo" you could have added some sliders or boxes for user settings in order to change physical parameters (e.g. viscosity of the water, elastic coefficients, or whatever parameters you use in your formula...).
Nice little clip anyway.

Komix responds:

Hm, no bad idea :-D But now I haev to work on the game, I ll update it later maybe.



This is a game? Okay, very strange. This doesn't seem like the physics of water at all.

Komix responds:

I updated it and now it looks more like it. and as I said it's not a complete game.