Reviews for "Komix Physics: Water"


now, this is where the infamous autoclick by fallenangel comes in handy.....if you dont know wad that is, ask anybody in maplestory. be warned that they probably will call you a noob.

The previous review was hilarious!!

Graphics-10 It had water AND air in it.

Style-10 Interesting idea.

Sound-10 My speakers are broken dunno if got sound anot so i just put 10

Violence-0 No blood.

Interactivity-10 Try it with the AC...hehehe...

Humor-10 The last review was HILARIOUS!!

OVERALL-10 It had water AND air in it. AND a link to another site!


This game rocks! You just need the imagination to think about it.
Why, in the two hours I've played with this, I've imagined what would happen if a pirate ship attacked an ocean liner during a huricane with ice burgs! That's why I have to give it a violence score. And, the pure amusement leads to such humor!
Also, you didn't have to listen to some crappy as hell music some games have you listen to. I mean, this one ROCKS!!!
Also, I only played like 10 seconds in reality, I just had to rate this.

Komix responds:

I couldn't think of anything I d like to hear more in a review :-D



This is a fun little gadget you made and it keeps you entertained for a couple of minutes. But that's it. No more no less.

It really impressive though, but just not very fun.

... But you probably already knew that. :P

Hail me. I parted the waters...

All your flash has really good physics. Well, I have not seen all your stuff yet. Gonna check them out..


Very cool script mate. All these little gadgets your racking up will make this new game your making AMAZING! Lol, im actually quite excited to see your finished product, whatever it may be.

One thing i have to congratulate though is your filesizes...there are alot of good Flash Programmers on NG but alot just make their super-heavy scripts and make the filesize suffer.

What youve done is done some cool tweaking and made what i think is the optimum size-coolness ratio. :P