Reviews for "World Defense"


brilliant game


Enjoyed this game one of my favorites on newgrounds keep it up!

good but...

i agree with flibbitygibet. Its too annoying after say 4 levels and spining the planet is near impossible

Dang you

Even though I gave this game a 10 I still hate you. All I wanted to do was see what happened if the meteors peirced really deep in the planets crust but nooooooooo every time that I was very close to the center of the planet the round ended. But this game is simple yet it is very good so along with this 10/10 I am going to give you a 5/5.


i would have to say that over all this game is great i just think there should be some more upgrades and if you added alot more things to buy on the next 1 you would have a near perfect game ya know good job on htis 1 thow very fun and interestin at times