Reviews for "World Defense"

Fnally, something good <:O

If this is protected, i'm adding it to my favories :) Awsome job!

that game is...

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet good idea you should add guns like turrets or somtin


this is an awsome game got to lvl 19 with out losein music was annoyin really annoyin but even dispite the lack of laughter it deserves the FUCK award

Colaberation of

this movie/game gets the FUCK award

This was really good but I have some bad news.....

In less you signed a deal with Eric fagman, I have bad news. I just saw this on Ebaums.

regulargabs responds:

Kenney says:
Bad news? It's great news that our game is featured at eBaumsworld. It brings us many visitors since he left all links, logo's and credits in. People should calm down a bit, did you even know there are 1,000,000 other websites than eBaumsworld who do the same if not worse? Geez.


this is classic worthy.

i wont down grade you on it but have complex incoming rock puzzles with the buildings was a BIT hard for me...heh..maybe you can make them move a little slower.