Reviews for "World Defense"


its the boringest game i have ever played sry but thats it ...
its too boring and it takes to long ... and i dont want to spend so much time for something like that..

regulargabs responds:

Kenney says:
Oh well, everyone likes other things! Maybe you like your own Flash...oh, well then you could always watch your favourite Flash...oh you didn't fill that in either. Well you could always listen to your favourite band...not filled in either. Well maybe your favourite movies. Arg! Even filling in forms is too boring for you?


at the beginning, with the armour games logo, they had this thing with a website that pops up for one second. thats illigal.

regulargabs responds:

Don't underrate everyone else's games just because you hate Armor Games.


WTF is this honestly. 21 levels of bordom barely any upgrades, good graphics but only coz its a small game. you can do better.anyone can do better i was about to literally commit suicide at level 10

It's ok I guess

10 stars - minus 3 for the 3 upgrades u get, another 3 off for the repetitive gameplay and no imgination, 1 off for the "mega" ozone lair as I thought it might've been a whole circle instead of being gaps, oh look you have no stars from me.