Reviews for "World Defense"


This game is cool. The music and graphics are good and the concept is alright. My only crit is that some of the meteors are TOO DAMN SMALL!!

Game was good..

The game was good..but the music was awful...no offence but the game play made up for that, it started to get boring once i started to hit the higher levels..it was just sooo repetitive..but other than that it was a great

regulargabs responds:

Kenney says:
If you found the music so awful, there's an option to control it at the main menu.

Quack quack, defense defense, wooorld.

Excellent sound effects and a unique turn on the classic defence gaming, makes this a fun game, but there is one major problem. The music. It can't be changed. It can't be turned off. It's the equivalent of a lobotomy for your eardrums. For the love of Christ change the music to something less annoying or put an in-game switch-off option in the next version.


This was a really fun game but as quick as it started it got boring by the second level. You should throw different power ups to by every couple of levels to spice it up a little bit.

Not the greatest game but.....

A for effort though!