Reviews for "World Defense"

Not bad, but not long lasting.

The idea is pretty cool, but i don't think it has much staying power.
It gets a little repedative after the first 5 or 6 levels, and the music really doesn't help.

Perhaps either an alternating 2nd track, or a mute button for the next game?

I agree with the dude who reviewed before me, the grey background could use a little sprusing up, but i can see also how that would make spotting the asteroids tough.

All in all a good game, nice work.

Needs nore Power ups.

It got very boring after about 8 levels. I think you could improve it with different music and of course more power ups.

regulargabs responds:

Kenney says:
Level 21 has different music :'(

Fun but nothing special.

It was definitely a fun game, and I'll give you that. Still, it seems rather simplistic and not a lot is based on strategy more then spinning the planet out of the way. On the other hand, it's fun to play, so I boosted your score a little bit for that.

Not bad...pretty original

For a defense game, it's pretty new to the scene and well done. While there are a few mechanics that could've been improved- overall, it's a nice quality entry to the portal. A dynamic that could've improved was how the meteors striked. The craters /did/ look kind of boring when they hit...but in all honesty? very nice.


I cant stand that "MUSIC"!!! Its like someone with a blackboard and 10 inch long nails.... oooooohhhhhh.... my poor ears...... They hurt so bad... otherwise good game and interesting concept. BUT LOSE THE MUSIC. Please, my ears cant take it.