Reviews for "World Defense"

Very nice

It was pretty good all around. I liked that the meteors slowly ate away at the planet, and quit when I finally dug a hole through the entire thing. I never got to see if you could destroy a building from below, though.


This was a really fun game but as quick as it started it got boring by the second level. You should throw different power ups to by every couple of levels to spice it up a little bit.

This is unfinished.

The game was fun Move a lpanet away from some oncoming comets/ meteors w/e... but there wern't enough dangers you could add some more to add style to the game. Add some fire balls that slowly burn a building down or a cloud that eats some of the plant and buildings that get in the way.

There wern't enough upgrades and the magnet bomb I never rarely used. Maybe have some things that support the planet during play, like something that refils the planet or a turret that shoots at commets breaking them up into smaller pieces.

The music was quite quite annoying so have some music in there that hightens the players reactons instead of having that lame shit you had in there.

You could add some sort of vibration effect to the game when something hits the planet. Depending on how big the thing was. There would be more vibration screen.

You could have a mini space ship that is purcahsed after and you controll it with the wasd keys. It automatically shoots at anything that comes into its range.

If you did have that space ship thing I suggested. Some meteors could have things that would be bad for the planet and it would be up to the mini space ship to destroy it if the turret can't.

Hopefully those suggestions w0uld amke the game less shitty than it currently is.

Fun, but...

Well, it gets old. It's basically the same thing over and over again...now, that's the premise of a defense game, but at least most add new foes, new defenses...also, the music got old after a while.

It is an interesting concept, though...rather unrealistic, but interesting. Protecting cities by letting the planet get pummeled. I didn't keep playing long enough to see it, but I'm interested by the fact that core and mantle appear if meteors hit one point too many times. Does that mean that if you let it get deep enough, they can go through the planet?

Interesting concept, but it gets stale quickly. Suggestions? More defensive options (Other than using the planet as a meteoric pincushion)...more musical options, and maybe this game will be better.

I give it a 3...out of 5.

Not the greatest game but.....

A for effort though!