Reviews for "World Defense"

good game

this was an extremely good game but you need more variety and upgrades

pretty good

i like PX9 a lot but could u use some more unheardof audio next time. Px9 is over used. Other then there is nothing wrong with the flash its pretty good.

They don't feel a thing on that planet

When you say that their world is moving a million times faster the rate of our world... thats completely false. there's no way in hell u could ever move ur hand fast enough to reach the speeds at which our world turns.

think of how BIG your city is, how BIG new york city is, how BIG the atlantic ocean is and how BIG the pacific ocean is. Think of how ENORMOUS all of europe, the middle east, and asia all are.... and now THINK.... The world is moving so fast, that all of that takes ONLY 24 hours to make a full turn.

good game btw

pretty impressive game!

i like it, all tho the spinning thing sometimes doesnt really good

pretty good

really great graphics.but needs more upgrades and need something you can use to shoot with.