Reviews for "World Defense"

Yay for stuff from good animators

Another great flash from great people. I agree with dude below me that it needs more weapons, like laser turrets and the money needs to rack (hehe rack) up faster.
Good job.

I liked it a lot

Simple effective game play, entertaining, nice take on an old idea

Was going well until level 20, i had some of my ozone left from the last level so spent the 15k on a rebuild only for it to be hit by a small asteroid and totally dissapear within seconds, fix that bug and i rekon it would have been a big score from me :)

Good job!

Nice! The BEAR is happy after having played this great game!


cant really see the meteors

Eh its ok.

Its an alright game from my perspective. Yet it gets repetitive after awhile and the only thing you do is spin a wheel. However I feel you deserve an 8 because of the uniqueness and originality of the game. NIce job can't wait for more.