Reviews for "World Defense"

Good But Not Great

I like it but it feels like it needs more.

it needs more meteors,bonuses,bigger meteors,and slightly smaller buildings.

the buildings seem to be big enough where 4 cover more than half the world. i dont mean make them way smaller i mean just alittle.

I like the bonuses now but there is not enough 3 bonuses are not very fun to play with.

The meteors fall at a nice rate but i think that there are not enough falling making the game way to easy to dodge them.

Oh and i think there is a glitch i had a couple of meteors about to hit the buildings but when they do they fly right through them and hit the ground dealing no damage to them.

Add more than just meteors too, like have missiles, satelites, and others things that could fall and harm the buildings.

its good an all but its just not hard enough. and can get repetitive.

Vote= 4

very good game

i enjoy ed playing this, a little tweaking is needed on the powerups and maybe a few more levels but over all a great defense game

i ranked top 10 in highscores

great game i ranked top 10 in highscores woot!posted as mack247sf.i like it it was cool i agree you shuld make more like this
mabe add more planets you need to protect at one time cuz it was too ez.


your game was too easy that i beat it in one try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was fun while it lasted

The game was original

But it could've had a choice of the controls(moving with the arrow keys)

It's worth to look at