Reviews for "World Defense"

Really well-done.

This game is damn fun. Great idea and implemented really well, too. Graphics are nice, sound effects and music get the job done, but most of all gameplay shines. You'll be moving that mouse around like crazy by the time you get to the later levels.

Good game, period.

Excellent idea, creator. It's a really fresh and cool game concept. Two things I'd like to see is an upgrade that fires missiles at the incoming meteors, and better music. Nice at first, but gets irritating later on. How'd <b>you</b> like to be interrupted by weird bleeps during an intense planet-spinning session?

Make more.

The music was shit! but...

The rest was wicked. Really enjoyed it, but the music made me quit. Just too repetative and anoying. Replace the music, or at least add a "music off" button somewhere. Appoligies if you already had one, but I couldn't find it.

Very impressive in all.


the game was pretty fun, w/the idea of moving the earth so the buildings dun get destroyed o.O cept after awhile the music got EXTREMELY annoying, so maybe you could add in a music selection :P that'd be great


fast meteors coming from nowhere....irritating but still the game was original !
very nice